Preventative Dentistry

Work with a dentist from our team to build great habits for a smile that will last.Preventative dentistry focuses on maintaining the health of oral structures, preventing the onset of periodontal diseases. Great dental health starts at home, but regular examinations by your dentist and cleanings by your hygienist are essential in preventing damage to your dentition. With up-to-the-minute technology at our fingertips, our entire team is able to review and contribute to your dental records, so we can help you identify problems before they arise.

As part of a regular dental exam, patients receive a thorough examination of their teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, and neck with a dentist. If necessary, we may recommend X-rays taken with our digital X-machines, an oral cancer screening, or a periodontal (gum) inspection. After the comprehensive examination, one of our professional and knowledgeable dental hygienists will perform a thorough cleaning and polishing.


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